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Visiting Student Scholarship to Enhance Healthcare Workforce Diversity

Updated: Feb 20

Visiting Student Scholarship to Enhance Healthcare Workforce Diversity 


The Yale Department of Surgery is excited to announce a scholarship for eligible students to  participate in a 4-week sub-internship starting July 2024. This program intends to immerse  fourth-year medical students in didactic and clinical experiences, generate interest in Yale 

surgical residency programs, and connect students to academic networks. Students can apply  to rotate in one of the four residency training programs (General Surgery; ENT; Plastic Surgery;  and Vascular Surgery). Students will interact with faculty, residents, and departmental  leadership. Participation in morning rounds, attending operations, joining departmental  conferences, etc. is expected. Interested students are encouraged to apply!


Application Window: February 1, 2024 – March 15, 2024

4 Step Application Process 

  1. Review Eligibility 

  2. Prepare Requested Documents:  • CV  • Medical School Transcript (unofficial will be accepted)  • Statement of Interest (<500 words)  • 1 Letter of Support from a surgical faculty at home institution  • Current Headshot 

  3. Submit VSAS Application 

  4. Submit YSM Scholarship Application to Enhance Healthcare   Workforce Diversity

Additional information about eligibility & the application process can be found at  the GME Visiting Student Programs website: Visiting Student Scholarship Program 

For those interested in learning more about Yale Department of Surgery's commitment to inclusive  excellence, please visit the following website: 

Yale Department of Surgery

310 Cedar Street, FMB 102

New Haven, CT 06519


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