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The Latino Surgical Society was established to cultivate, nurture, and support the advancement of Latino surgeons. To achieve these objectives, the Society shall:

  1. Establish programs to improve networking and professional development among Latino surgeons in both clinical community and academic settings.

  2. Create programs to improve the professional development of Latinos, ranging from pipeline development to support during medical school, residency and fellowship training, as well as faculty development in academic surgery. 

  3. Identify and promote professional and intellectual exchange among surgeons and scientists involved in their related fields.

  4. Promote advancement of underrepresented minorities to leadership positions within academic surgery.

  5. Advance initiatives to promote the health and welfare of Latino populations at institutional, local, state, national, and international levels.

  6. Encourage and assist the study of diseases of importance to the Latino community.

  7. Improve the Latino surgical sections and collaborations in other professional medical societies, such as American College of Surgeons, National Hispanic Medical Association, American Medical Association.

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